New Caravan for Migrants Embarks For the US from Hondurans


On 14th January, another caravan comprising of hundreds of Honduran migrants started their journey from Honduras towards the US. The new caravan is hopeful of overcoming the hurdles this time, after the same route was taken by another group of Central American immigrants to enter the US by crossing the US-Mexico border. The first set of immigrants tried to enter the US last year but was stopped the US Border Patrolling team.

The caravans carrying Central American immigrants have become a turning point in the controversy over the immigration policy of the US, as President Donald Trump always remained rigid over the fact that the migrants must be prevented from crossing the border.

On Monday, television clipping displayed several hundred people in the harsh city of San Pedro Sula thronged together at a bus station and fluttered Honduran flags as they start their journey, which might take weeks or even months in order to reach the U.S.-Mexico border.

Around 600 to 800 Hondurans are a part of the new caravan. According to the data a supplied by Miroslava Serpas, who heads the migrant affairs with the CIPRODEH human rights research center is also chaperoning the group. 300 people which consisted of mainly children and women were mounted on 30 small buses. Another group of 300 migrants were seen walking in rain towards the border town of Agua Caliente.

Trump has often pledged to block the Central American caravans from entering into the US, by dispatching troops to fortify the border and expressing the migrants as an invading force. Well, the new caravan is going to gather support on route to the US border.

Last October, another caravan comprising of migrants left Honduras, most of the migrants stated that that they were escaping poverty and gangland violence in their homeland.

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