New Poll Says, Britain to Vote 59-41 to Stay Within the European Union


According to the new opinion poll, the voters from Britain have taken the decision to vote 59-41 to stay in the EU if they are given the option after a six-point swing away from the Brexit. The new opinion poll has recorded the highest number of support which has gone for the membership of the European Union. This is also the highest referring to a survey which was done in the 2016 referendum. This was held in the month of June which showed that almost 17.4 million voters which mean 51.9 % of the people casting votes backed leaving the European Union while 16.1 million which is 48.1 % of the people casting votes backed to stay within the European Union. Many of the residents of the country also thought that the results of the votes were totally wrong.

The result of the polling said that 59 % of the voters can now be able to vote for remaining in the bloc, while 41 % of other voters will have to vote to leave. Publication of the findings was done report that was led by research bodies from the academics like NatGen and the UK in Europe which was gradually changing. Polling expert John Curtice who is also the author of the report added a note that might caution the voters. He said that the panel of interviews reported that they had voted almost 53 % for remaining in the original vote. It is determined that this proportion is much higher than the actual vote.

Britain is due to leave the European Union in the month of March in the next year, but it has yet to secure an agreement for the exit from the union. This agreement will define the future relations with Brussels and help them to manage the economic impact of integration which lasted for more than 40 years. It has been the largest trading bloc of the world.

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