EU Flag flutters in the air

“No deal today.” Britain and the EU did not agree on the conditions of Brexit.


On the last day before the decisive EU summit, the delegations of Britain and the EU, despite feverish attempts to agree on a draft Brexit agreement, did not have time to do so.  Now the Brexit date – October 31 – should be rescheduled by law, and this puts the fate of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in great doubt.

A source in the British government said that “there will be no deal today until the end of the day.”  At the same time, the parties continue negotiations on technical details;  leaks during the day gave the impression that they were able to agree on many of the contentious issues, including the customs regime on the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which remains part of the EU.

The head of the EU delegation, Michel Barnier, who was caught in the evenings by journalists on the sidelines, threw only: “We work, we work” – and went to his car.

The agreement was supposed to be approved at the EU summit on October 17-18.

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