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North Korea complains about US “provocation”


North Korea said to the UN that the “political and military provocations of Washington” are to blame for the halt in negotiations to resolve the nuclear confrontation with the United States.

This was stated by North Korean Ambassador Kim Song.

“It depends on the United States whether the negotiations will become a” window of opportunity “or an occasion that will accelerate the crisis,” he said.

Speaking at the main annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, he complained that the United States and South Korea are not fulfilling individual high-level commitments.

“The situation on the Korean peninsula has not left the vicious circle of increased tension, which is entirely due to the political and military provocations of the United States,” the ambassador said.

Negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang are frozen after the summit between Trump and leader Kim Jong-un ended in February to no avail, although Trump and Kim met on the Korean border in June in an attempt to move things forward.  Trump became the first US president to step into North Korea.

Trump said last week that another summit with Kim “could take place soon,” but did not specify when.

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