North Korea Threatens to Pull out of Trump Summit if US Pesters to Give up Nuclear Weapons


North Korea has suddenly cancelled their high-profile meeting with South Korea. They have also threatened that they might pull out of the meeting with the American President if the United States continues to pester them to give up on their nuclear weapons. According to a North Korean official, the nation had no interest in one sided demands to get rid of nuclear weapons and hence they would step out of the historical summit with the US President.

The minister of foreign affairs of North Korea, Kim Kye Gwan had stated that the destiny of the US summit and the bilateral relations would depend on whether the United States expects North Korea to be denuclearized like Libya. It was also stated that Trump would be similar to his predecessors if he followed their footsteps. Kim had stated that North Korea would respond to the administration of Trump if they attended the meeting with the intention to improve the relation between the two nations.

Kim had also added that they were no longer interested in the negotiation which was all about driving North Korea into a corner and demanding the nation to give up their nukes. He added that if the United States followed such an attitude then North Korea would consider whether he would be attending the Trump summit. The statement was released sometime after the North had cancelled a meeting with the South Korean officials.

The meeting was cancelled to protest a joint US-South Korea military exercise. The drills involved around 100 warplanes from the US and South Korea. There were eight F-22 stealth fighters and numerous B-52 bombers. The defense ministry of South Korea had stated that the exercise would continue and had claimed that the drill was designed to help their pilots develop and improve their skills.

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