North Korea’s Launch of Rocket Would Be a Disaster for Diplomacy

North Korea’s Launch of Rocket Would Be a Disaster for Diplomacy

On Tuesday, a South Korean adviser cautioned that North Korea jeopardize a “catastrophic” consequence for global diplomacy attempts if they use the danger of a possible rocket launch as leverage in their discussions with the United States.

Moon Chung-In, a retired professor and now a special adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-In, in a Seoul panel discussion stated that global diplomacy attempts on North Korea’s nuclear program would be thrown into a mess if they try to use a rocket launch or other nuclear activities as a bargaining chip.

Recently, U.S.-based websites released satellite photographs showing North Korea has reinstalled structures at a long-range rocket launch facility that it disassembled last year at the start of diplomacy talks with the United States. Other satellite images disclosed an increased amount of activity by vehicles at a discrete North Korean facility used to produce missiles, and rockets for satellite launches.

Some experts stated that these pictures indicate that North Korea might be gathering a long-range rocket to bring off a banned satellite launch after the collapse of North Korea-U.S. summit last month in Hanoi.

Further Moon Chung-In stated that North Korea and the US must confine themselves to keep diplomacy alive and start unofficial contacts to reopen talks. He stated that the Hanoi summit showed how “difficult” and “painful” it would be to attain denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Talking about the reported activities at the North Korean site, President Donald Trump informed reporters that he was very disappointed if that was happening. He stated that the report is in early stage and his government would take steps if needed.

The Hanoi summit fell apart due to disputes over how much sanctions relief North Korea should receive in return for limited nuclear disarmament steps. The U.S. and North Korea blame each other of causing the summit’s collapse.