Pakistan downgrades diplomatic relations with India


Pakistan has decided to downgrade diplomatic relations with India and to suspend bilateral trade because of what is happening in Kashmir.  This is stated in a statement by the Prime Minister’s office on Twitter.

Pakistan will withdraw the ambassador from New Delhi and send the Indian envoy from its territory.

Islamabad also decided to revise bilateral agreements with India, to appeal to the UN, including the Security Council.

They decided to do so following the results of the meeting of the National Security Council on Wednesday, August 7, which was headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.  It discussed “the situation that arose as a result of unilateral and illegal actions by the Government of India, occurring in Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India, as well as along the control line.”

On August 5, India announced that it had decided to abolish the special status of the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, which now provides the region with a degree of autonomy and the right to enact its own laws.  Its territory will also be divided into two parts.  It is assumed that a general constitution for India will operate there, and restrictions on investment and the arrival of residents from other states will also be lifted.

Pakistan had previously condemned such a decision and stated that it “uses all possible options to counter illegal steps.”

The territory of the former principality of Jammu and Kashmir is actually divided between India and Pakistan, although each side claims full control over the region.  Due to constant clashes on the demarcation line (control line, conditional border of countries), a large number of Indian and Pakistani troops are concentrated.

The state is considered one of the most turbulent in India.  The unrecognized state of Azad Kashmir, de facto part of Pakistan, also claims to be the entire territory of the region.


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