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Palestine: US Economic Plan is New Balfour Declaration


Palestinian officials on Sunday intensified their attacks on the economic part of the US Middle East peace plan, calling it “Balfour’s Declaration No. 2” – referring to the 1917 British government’s announcement of support for creating a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian factions called for three-day protests in the West Bank and Gaza against the US-led Bahrain Economic Conference, which is expected to start in Manama on June 25. Factions and Palestinian officials in Ramallah expressed disappointment at the decision of Jordan and Egypt to take part in the conference, despite appeals from the Palestinians to boycott it.

“Day after day, the reality of American intentions and relations against the Palestinian people and their rights is being exposed,” the PA MFA said in a statement.

Referring to the White House’s economic plan announcement on Saturday, the ministry said it was “an ominous declaration by US President Donald Trump or the Balfour Declaration No. 2.”

The Palestine Ministry accused the US administration of denying the existence of the Palestinian people and treating them like a bunch of people.

It said that the US economic plan called “Peace to Prosperity” is a continuation of the political bias of the US administration in favor of Israel. “In this regard, the economy of the Palestinian state and its components are not mentioned, but attempts are being made to whitewash the occupation and settlements,” the ministry added.


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