Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivers remarks at the meeting

Pentagon sees signs that Iran could commit aggression


The United States sees signs that Iran could take aggressive action.  This statement was made on Wednesday by US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs John Rood at a meeting with a small group of journalists.

“We remain preoccupied with possible aggression from Iran. Iran has already taken a series of aggressive actions in recent months,” he said. “You saw attacks on ships, tankers, Saudi oil facilities, they shot down an American drone.”  “We also see indicators that aggression may arise. I can’t go into details for objective reasons,” Rood added.

The deputy minister recalled that the State Department has already spoken out about the consequences for Iran in the event of an attack on the United States or American allies in the region.  “We sent very clear and direct signals to the Iranian government about the possible consequences of aggression,” he said.

“Over the past six months, we have increased our presence in the region to 14 thousand troops. Deterrence is a very complex measure, because [everything] is mobile,” Rood said. “We have not yet made a decision, there is a platform on which we are based. We are making efforts  with partners to provide an international response. ”

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on October 11 that Washington would deploy an additional 3,000 troops, two fighter squadrons, one expeditionary air wing, two Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, one THAAD missile defense system to Saudi Arabia.  This decision was made by the US administration after attacks on two enterprises of the Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco were carried out with unmanned aerial vehicles on the night of September 14.  Representatives of the Yemeni movement Ansar Allah claimed responsibility.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, France and the Federal Republic of Germany said Iran was behind the attack.  In Tehran, these allegations were called baseless.

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