Secretary of States Mike Pompeo

Pompeo allowed a change of policy for Venezuela, Iran and North Korea if necessary


The United States allows changes in foreign policy in relation to a number of countries, including Venezuela, Iran and the DPRK, but believes that the provision of humanitarian aid is not subject to US sanctions.  This was announced at a briefing on Tuesday by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

“Of course, we constantly evaluate our foreign policy in all directions. So the answer to the question are we ever ready to reconsider this, ,of course! We are constantly trying to ensure that we have the right policy on  “All directions,” said Pompeo, answering the question whether the United States intends to lift sanctions against a number of countries in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. “As for humanitarian assistance, medical supplies, equipment, what people need in this difficult time, this  not subject to sanctions. ”

“In regards to the North Korea, UN Security Council sanctions apply, other countries also receive American aid, there is no ban on the delivery of humanitarian aid to these places,” he added.

However, the Secretary of State noted that “some of these countries continue to create bombs, missiles, build up their nuclear capabilities.”  It’s sad to see how these governments make decisions that harm their citizens,” he said.

According to the head of the diplomatic mission, the United States is trying to assist Venezuela, Iran and the North Korea.  “We understand that this [pandemic] is a humanitarian crisis, and we are committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the people of these countries. We care more about these people than their own leadership,” said Pompeo.

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