Mike Pompeo

Pompeo promised to tackle the return of Russia to the G7


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States will work to bring Russia back to the G7, as President Donald Trump wishes.

“The President believes that this is what we should do. I work for the president. Of course, we will work to achieve this goal,” said Pompeo.

Trump in the context of the G7 summit recently held in French Biarritz repeatedly raised the theme of the revival of the G8 format and the return to this international club of Russia. According to the American president, the presence of the Russian president would help solve a number of international problems.

At a press conference after the Biarritz summit, Trump announced that he would have invited Vladimir Putin to the next meeting of the G7 leaders, organized by the United States. However, he doubted that the Russian leader would accept this invitation.

At the same time, the American president said that he was not the only one who would like to return Russia to participate in the summits. Trump did not name specific names.


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