Mike pompeo

Pompeo said that the United States will take any measures to “return democracy” to the people of Venezuela


The US administration intends to take any measures to return democracy to the Venezuelan people. This statement was made on Monday at the Washington Economic Club by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

He was asked to clarify whether the United States would be ready to send troops to Venezuela under some conditions. “The president said quite clearly that we are doing everything that is required to guarantee the return of democracy to the Venezuelan people. And this is the task that is being set,” the US foreign minister replied.

At the same time, he argued that the US is “closer today than a few months ago” to the solution of this problem. “Progress is every day,” says Pompeo. According to him, like-minded people of the United States “understand that Maduro is not a properly elected president.”

On January 23, Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, whose appointment as parliamentary speaker two days earlier had the Supreme Court annulled, declared himself acting president. The United States recognized him as interim head of state, the countries of the Lima Group (with the exception of Mexico), the Organization of the American States and most of the EU countries joined them. Maduro called the incident an attempted coup and announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States. Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Syria, and Turkey expressed their support for it.


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