President of European Parliament praises the model and role of the UAE


The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, placed emphasis on the importance of undertaking joint efforts for ensuring the stability and security in the Middle East region. This was spoken during a meeting with the Speaker of the Federal National Council, Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi. The meeting took place in Brussels at the European Parliament headquarters.

Antonio Tajani, during the meeting, lauded the development of ties between the European Union and the United Arab Emirates. He also complimented the approach undertaken by the UAE in promoting tolerance as well as ensuring women empowerment. He also focused on the role of the Federal National Council in pushing international parliamentary endeavors for countering extremism and terrorism. The President also appreciated the declaration of 2019 being the Year of Tolerance by the UAE.

The President and the FNC Speaker had a discussion on the ways relations between the EU nations and the UAE can be enhanced. They focused on how important collective commitment among the nations of the world is in avoiding sectarian tensions. They also talked about the importance of joint efforts for combatting extremism and terrorism and also for eliminating sources of finance for extremist ideologies.

The President also talked about how important the exhibition at the European Parliament HQ organized by the UAE’s Emirates Red Crescent is. He mentioned that the exhibition acts as an introduction for the Europeans to the incredible humanitarian efforts undertaken by the UAE. He also stated that the UAE has become an international model for the promotion of stability and peace via its humanitarian role in areas such as Yemen and also for the assistance provided to the victims of disasters as well as crises. The President also noted that the UAE happens to be the biggest international aid donor with respect to GDP.

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