Putin at a meeting with Pompeo appreciated the Mueller report


In Sochi, Russia, on Tuesday evening, talks were held between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Putin’s assistant, Yuri Ushakov, it lasted an hour and a half.

Putin and Pompeo discussed Syria, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea, as well as the situation with the missile arms treaties between Russia and the United States.

Before the start of the meeting, Putin told the state secretary that Russia would like to “restore relations” with the United States “in full format.” According to Putin, the necessary conditions are being created for this now.

The report of the special US attorney, Robert Muller, is objective and confirms the lack of collusion between Russia and the current US administration. This assessment was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in Sochi.

The Russian leader noted that, despite all the “exoticism of the work of the commission of Mr. Muller,” he should be given his due. In general, the head of the Russian Federation noted, the special prosecutor conducted an objective investigation and confirmed the absence of any kind of collusion between Russia and the current US administration.

The heads of the US and Russian foreign affairs agencies said that the meeting could be a step towards improving relations between countries, but there are still big differences on a number of issues.

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