Vladimir Putin

Putin ruled out the involvement of British intelligence services in the Skripalspoisoning


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he did not support the theory that the British intelligence services could poison the ex-GRU intelligence officer Sergei Skripal.

Previously, this theory was advanced by many Russian media and bloggers. In an interview with American film director Oliver Stone, Putin, responding to a question about whether he believes that the British special services could poison Skripal to prevent him from returning to Russia, replied in the negative.

“Frankly speaking, I don’t really believe it … If they wanted to poison it, they would poison it,” Putin said.

According to him, with current technologies, it is easy to poison a person – especially if he is in the territory controlled by the special services. Putin noted that he did not believe in conspiracy theories.

On March 4, 2018, a former intelligence officer of the GRU Skripal, who had previously been convicted to the Russian Federation for spying for London, was poisoned in Salisbury. Along with him, daughter Julia suffered. The authorities said that the Russians are poisoned by the substance of the nerve action “Novichok”, which was developed in the USSR and the Russian Federation.

On September 5, possible perpetrators of the poisoning were blamed – the Russians “Alexander Petrov” and “RuslanBoshirov”. British Premier Theresa May called them GRU agents, and British Security Minister Ben Wallace said that “Putin is responsible for the poisoning.” Later, the leaders of the USA, France, Germany and Canada agreed with this.


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