Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump

Putin’s Appetite for an Arms Race Curbed Owning to Eco-Political Reality


Currently, Russian Economy is in dire states; and with Putin’s popularity in question and limited state funds available, it turns out that Putin is aiming to avoid a costly nuclear armament race against the US.

This time, the US went against Russia and claimed that they are now washing their hands clean of the obligations that were imposed on them under the (INF) Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. They will, in fact, refrain from building any more nuclear missiles that could harm the world and economy.

Seeing the US backing out, numerous people expected the power-hungry Putin to take full advantage of this and lash out at America. However, much to speculator’s surprise, Putin did not raise the proposal of an immediate arms race with the US. Instead, he affirmed that Russia will be equally glad to renounce the treaty although they are not the ones breaching it.

At present, Putin refrained from announcing the development of new missiles and confirmed that unless the US attacked Russian soil, Putin won’t deploy missiles on Washington. Additionally, in a press conference, Putin stated they Russia is working to ensure there isn’t a dash for expensive armament race with the US.

Speculators state that this statement by Putin came under compulsion. Being a steadfast nemesis of the United States, Putin did not leave out chances to walk into war. However, with the Russian economy pressed for cash, Putin has no choice but to prevent the drain of money from the economy.

Following Putin’s footsteps the former governor of Russia’s central bank, Sergei Dubinin, asserted that backing out form the treaty was a ploy by the US. Previously, when Russia walked into a similar arms race with the US, during the cold war, it faced one of the worst economic crises in the world. Situations even forced supermarkets to house empty shelves.

Hence, this time, Russia won’t play into the hands of the US and won’t strike them until America does so.

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