Qatar Influencing and Promoting Hate against America

Qatar Influencing and Promoting Hate against America


The American administration is trying its best to stop Qatar from supporting extremism and terrorist outfits such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite the strong actions taken against it, Qatar continues to paint a picture of innocence while continuing the activities that got it boycotted in the first place.

One of the biggest diplomatic crises in the world is currently unfolding in the Middle East as Qatar is in the midst of a boycott. Various reasons have been put forward by the boycotting countries for the same such as Qatar’s support for terrorist organizations and the violent agenda of Iran among others.

It is a fact that Qatar is far from being innocent of the charges being levied against it. One of the things that Qatar has done is to promote hate against the USA such as through Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera is a new network that is owned by the state of Qatar. As such, the news that it publishes and broadcasts are known to be vetted and supported by the ruling family of the country. Over the years, the network has broadcast several pieces which have been a source of worry to many across the world. It has known to support the viewpoints of well-known terrorists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, the news network has often acted as a mouthpiece for terrorist organizations.

As such, the network has often broadcasted pieces that go against the interests of the US. It has actively supported terrorist organizations which have acted against the US. Al Jazeera also tried to build a presence in the United States through its American branch. However, it failed to do so thankfully.

Al Jazeera even conducted a spy operation on Jewish groups inside the United States. Their aim was to determine the extent of Jewish influence on US politics. USA managed to identify the efforts and determined that the network was trying to perform subversive acts within its territory.

Qatar has even gone to the extent of hacking emails of notable Americans and releasing them in a bid to sway international opinion as well as the opinion of Americans. One of the most memorable cases has been that of a US republican fundraiser associated with President Trump whose email account was hacked, allegedly by Qatar.

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