Qatar lodges an attack on Israel-UAE deal in a bid to hide its terror funding activities


It has been nearly 20 days since the UAE and Israel announced opening borders to each other but the matter refuses to be in control as Qatar’s desperate attempts to tarnish the reputation of both the countries come out in the open.

The move to normalize diplomatic ties between the UAE and Israel might have come as a surprise to many but it surely is a positive step in bettering the matters in both the countries and it is something that aims towards the larger interest in the Middle East.  But few countries like Qatar, Iran, and Turkey are playing the politics of the devil is the dissemination of false information and hiding their deeds in the region.

One of the officials from Abu Dhabi has affirmed that the deal between both the countries was genuine and now after giving enough time to Palestinian, it is time that they moved to work for the Middle Eastern region. Palestinians are clearly unhappy with this and are trying to come up with ways that could minimize the blow caused by the ‘actions’ of the two countries. The criticism coming from the Palestinian side was understandable to an extent as it was one of the crucial points of discussion for this agreement but countries that have no availment from this deal are reacting rather critically to this deal. Turkey for example threatened to cancel all the flights to the gulf country and even Iran voiced against the deal calling this deal a ‘betrayal’ but above all Qatar is the one launching these radical media attacks on the UAE and Israel due to its anti-Semitism mentality.

It was reported earlier that Qatar is so adamant about its hatred towards the Jews that it even went to the extent of including false Jewish narratives in children’s textbooks. It has been changing the whole course of historic events and turned it against the Israeli people. The fake information is fed to the Qatari people so that radical movements are created from the country.

Over the course of the last few months, Qatar is funding terror activities. There were proofs of Qatar’s royal family being involved in terror-funding activities. Qatar has been very vocal calling out attacks on Jews and actively involved in buying human resources from the countries that are in crisis and using those people to fight in favor of Qatar. It has been openly supporting terrorists all around the world including Hamas, a militant organization form Palestine.

As things proceed, it is becoming more and more clear that all that Qatar desires is power and instability within the region. This deal between Israel and the UAE was a positive step to establish peace in the region but with Qatar’s continuous influence, it has become even more difficult to attain peace

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