Qatar is making false allegations about UAE

Qatar is making false allegations about UAE


Qatar has claimed that the UAE has discriminated against the citizens of Qatar. However, these accusations are completely false and without any credible evidence whatsoever. In fact, a number of international human rights organizations have testified about the achievements of the United Arab Emirates in terms of human rights.

During the Geneva session of the UN Human Rights Council, the international body acknowledged the developments in the human rights record of the UAE. In fact, the United Arab Emirates constantly works to bring about the improvement of human rights. It has even succeeded in the provision of security and the application of the law on all the people living in the country. This includes people from more than 200 nationalities.

As for the allegations of Qatar, the UAE has successfully refuted all of them. Qatar has not been able to provide any credible, convincing or documented evidence in support of its claims.

As a result, Qatar managed to lose the case related to the use of its neighboring countries’ airspaces. Neighbors of Qatar have banned Qatari flights from making use of or even entering their airspace. The International Civil Aviation Organization gave a chance to Qatar to listen to its demands. This caused the boycotting countries to launch a dispute in return at the ICJ. They also asked the ICAO to look into the illegal claims of Qatar, especially considering that the core of the issue is that Qatar has been supporting terrorism and extremism. As a result, the countries will keep restricting their airspace against Qatari flights to protect the sovereignty and security of their nations, as guaranteed by international law.

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