How Qatar Spreads Rumors and Promotes Defamation


Currently, Qatar is being boycotted by many nations. This is to be expected considering the various issues that the nation is part of. Qatar has become notorious for the support it gives to the various extremist and terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. However, its nefarious activities do not simply stop at giving support.

Qatar often takes an active part in undermining the efforts of those it considers to be against its agenda. Of course, its agenda is to promote radicalism and one of its main targets is the United States of America. One of the methods applied by the nation to undermine the US is by promoting defamatory rumors and fake news.

This is easy for Qatar since it owns a news network called Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera has a wide reach, which makes it easier for the country to spread incorrect information.

In fact, over the years, Al Jazeera has spread a lot of false news while providing coverage to those events that Qatar deems important. It has already been noted that Al Jazeera covers news about terrorist activities in a positive light. In fact, it has often supported the viewpoint of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other terrorists. In some cases, it has even let their members use its network to broadcast their vile views.

As a result, viewers of the network often get an incredibly biased and completely incorrect view of the events unfolding in the world. Al Jazeera is one of the biggest weapons that Qatar has in promoting fake news and undermining the efforts of the US and its allies.

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