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Qatar uses bribery as a diplomatic method


Recently, relations between Qatar and Serbia are developing rapidly. Recently, a number of agreements have been signed, cultural exchange programs are underway, travel conditions for tourists have been simplified.

Qatar is establishing strong relations with Serbia, not only through bilateral treaties, but also through its beloved “diplomatic method” – bribery. Qatari government paid money to a former Serbian ambassador to mediate and coordinate meetings with US officials. Every month, starting in January, the Qatar government paid 50 thousand dollars and at the moment the total amount is 350 thousand dollars.

Thus, in bilateral negotiations with the United States, an interested party acted as a mediator, which contradicts the rules of negotiations. This fact could not but affect the result of the talks and many decisions were artificially taken in the interests of the Government of Qatar.

The foreign policy style of the emirate over the past decade is similar to the activities of a large transnational corporation, but not of the state. This causes outrage both at the regional and global levels.

Qatar operates on a regional and global scale in the logic of the business strategy of a large corporation, whose main task is to multiply benefits, strengthen credibility and increase popularity.


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