Libya flag

Qatar’s involvement in Libya


During the Libyan revolution in 2011, Qatar deployed its air force against the supporters and attitudes of the then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. He also provided significant weapons and materials to the revolutionary forces in Libya.

Since then, Qatar has begun to provide its support for the radical acting in Libya. Such support undermines the legitimate regimes of governments, not only in Libya itself but also in other states of the Middle East.

LNA spokesman Col. Ahmad al-Mismari presented audio, video and documentary evidence of Qatar’s mass political and military intervention in Libya after the 2011 revolution, including the killing wave, recruiting and transporting Libyan jihadists to Syria, financing extremist groups and teaching bombing techniques through Hamas militants. Most of this activity was organized by the Chargé d’Affaires of the Qatar Embassy in Libya.

On June 29, al-Mismari said that the LNA was fighting “not against Libyan terrorists, but against transnational terrorism”, supported by the “triad of terrorism in Libya,” Qatar, Sudan and Turkey.

Qatar provides shelter and refuge to members of the Muslim Brotherhood but does so on the condition that they do not participate in Qatari politics.

It is possible that the attack on the US embassy in 2012, during which 3 diplomats died, was not without the support of Qatar. Also, sponsorship has affected the quality of the weapon because of which both civilians and international peacekeepers suffered.


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