Qatar’s Millions for Lobbying Washington Goes down the Drain


Recently, a dinner was hosted in honor of the foreign minister of Qatar in Washington. In attendance were quite a few members of the US Congress as well as a few officials of the US administration. Such events have been taking place since last year as Qatar has been desperately trying to win some influence in Washington.

Ever since a few Middle East countries decided to cut all ties with Qatar last year, Doha has been spending vast amounts of money into buying influence and organizing events to pull USA to its side. Qatar wants the US to push the Middle East countries to revoke their decision to cut all ties with Qatar.

Of course, those countries decided to cut the ties because of Qatar’s policies in supporting terrorism. Even US President Trump has made tweets that suggest that Qatar has been funding terrorism.

Joey Allaham has stated that this occurred because Qatar did not have any influence in Washington. However, it is important to note that Allaham had been paid around $1.45 million to advocate on behalf of Qatar. This happened last year. Suffice to say that the boycott is still going on. Qatar is still hoping to persuade American personalities and lawmakers so that it can get out of the crisis which it got itself into.

It has been reported that this strategy has already cost Qatar somewhere around tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, Qatar has also hired people who are supposedly close to President Trump and even pledged to pump in billions of dollars in businesses and investments in the US. In the last 18 months, Qatar has spent a minimum of $24 million on just lobbying alone.

Despite all of the money, no lobbyist has actually managed to bring about any real change in USA’s decision. The boycott still stands since Qatar keeps supporting and sponsoring terrorism.

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