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Russia and China began to fly more often near the South Korean air defense recognition zone


Russian and Chinese military aircraft have recently begun to fly more often near the borders of the South Korean air defense identification zone.  Russia and China are testing the air defense of the South Korean military and American troops on the peninsula.

According to the newspaper, since the beginning of the year, Chinese aircraft have approached the South Korean identification zone 30 times, and Russian – 14 times.  At the same time, in 2018, Chinese aircraft made 140 such flights, compared to 77 in 2017.

“This, of course, causes concern. These patrols are not just mistakes,” one source said.

South Korea previously stated that on July 23, a Russian military aircraft invaded the republic’s airspace in the vicinity of the Tokto Islands (Takeshima), which are the subject of a dispute between Seoul and Tokyo.  In response, South Korean F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, which, as stated in Seoul, fired warning shots in the direction of the Russian aircraft, were lifted into the air.

The Russian Ministry of Defense noted that during a scheduled flight of Russian and Chinese strategic bombers on July 23 over the Japanese and East China Seas, the planes did not violate the borders of other countries.  The Russian military department emphasized that South Korean fighters performed unprofessional maneuvers alongside the Russian, including crossing their course, but did not shoot towards the Russian airborne bombers.


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