Russia completely ceased cooperation with NATO


Russia and NATO have completely ceased cooperation on civil and military lines, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Grushko.

In 1997, Russia and NATO signed a fundamental act, which clearly stated that neither side considered the other an adversary. So why more than fifteen years later did friction arise between them?

Russia did not reject cooperation to date. Since 2002, there has been the Russia-NATO Council, whose work has been precisely to work together to overcome the threats faced by both sides.

But at the moment Russia is not cooperating with NATO in any sphere. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

“Cooperation on civil and military lines is completely stopped,” the diplomat said. According to him, the North Atlantic Alliance became the initiator of the suspension of contacts.

Meanwhile, Moscow hopes that a military conflict with the bloc will be avoided.

On April 3, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that increased NATO activity in the Black Sea undermines regional security and that Moscow will take all necessary measures to neutralize threats.


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