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Russia completely interrupts flights with Georgia


From July 8, Russia introduces a temporary ban on passenger flights to Georgia. The corresponding decree on Friday, June 21, was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The document is published on the website of the Kremlin.

“From July 8, 2019, Russian airlines are temporarily prohibited from carrying out air transportation (including commercial) of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Georgia,” the decree says.

The head of state instructed the government to ensure the return to Russia of the country’s citizens who are currently temporarily in Georgia. Tour operators in Russia are advised not to sell vouchers to this country for the period of the flight ban.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommended that Russians refrain from traveling to Georgia, and Rustourism suggested that tour operators temporarily suspend the sale of tours there. On the eve of Georgia, there were mass protests because of the situation with the Russian delegation at the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy. In clashes of protesters with law enforcement officers, 240 people were injured. Police detained 305 demonstrators.


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