Russia offers to relocate important UN talks from US


Russia may raise the question of the transfer of important international negotiations from the UN headquarters to the United States due to Washington’s “visa war”.  This was stated by President’s Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security Andrei Krutskikh.

According to him, Washington censors the composition of negotiating groups from other countries, taking advantage of the fact that the UN headquarters is located in New York.  “Recently, not only Russia, but also a number of other states are already almost constantly facing a situation where members of our delegations either do not receive visas at all, including meetings of an open-ended group, or receive them with a significant delay”,  he noted.

Thus, the presidential envoy said, Washington impedes the “functioning of the normal UN diplomatic process” and violates the obligations undertaken at the founding of the UN headquarters.

“Russia will raise a question in order to at least transfer from the United States all any significant international negotiations, including an open-ended group and a group of government experts,” he said.


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