Russia Shows off Putin’s Super Weapons after Helsinki Summit


On 19th July, Russia circulated a series of videos which showed the testing and operation of new generation of nuclear and conventional weapons. This action took place few days after the highly-controversial Helsinki summit where Putin and Trump discussed on ways to avoid arms race.

In a belligerent speech in March, President Putin disclosed about their huge array of new nuclear weapons. He also stated that Russia would be able to bypass U.S. built missiles Russia’s own huge armory would be able to hit any part of the world.

Putin and Trump during their first summit in Helsinki on 16TH July, spoke elaborately on the need to avoid an arms race. Putin even spoke on the immediate need to work on extending the new START strategic arms reduction treaty.

On 19th July, Russian Defense Ministry aired a Hollywood styled video footage of numerous new weapons that was unveiled by Putin during March. The video showed that those weapons being tested. In one of the video it was seen that a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet taking off from the airfield and it was carrying the new Kinjal hypersonic missile. It showed that the missile being launched mid-air.

The first video footage showed the live launch of the Avangard hypersonic missile along with a heavy Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. Moscow boasts that the Avangard missile has a great glider maneuvering warhead power.

A person from Putin’s ministry stated that Russia is overseeing flight tests of new nuclear powered cruise missile, the Burevestnik or Storm Petrel.

Putin boasted of the fact that the new weapons were greeted with skepticism in Washington; however, officials of Washington have expressed their doubts on whether Russia has any other new potential in their nuclear arsenal sector, other than the ones already known to the U.S military and intelligence agencies.

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