The crew of North Korean schooner and Russian board guards in Japan sea

Russian border guards detained 161 DPRK citizens


An incident involving North Korean fishermen and Russian border guards occurred in the Sea of ​​Japan. Armed poachers attacked border officials. Two vessels and more than 160 DPRK citizens were detained.

The detention took place in the area of ​​the banks (shallow sea area, or shallows) of Quito-Yamato in the Sea of ​​Japan, this is the exclusive economic zone of Russia, according to the Federal Security Service.

According to the special service, the poachers who fished in two schooners and 11 motor boats were detained.

The crew of one of the schooners carried out an armed attack on the border guards.

“The crew of the North Korean schooner, more than 45 people, carried out an armed attack on members of the inspection team of the border ship. Three servicemen were injured of varying severity,” the Russian Security Service said.

Both vessels are detained. They decided to escort to Nakhodka (Primorsky Region, Russia).

Detained 161 DPRK citizens, said on Wednesday at the center of public relations of the security service.


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