School strike founder tells climate summit that today’s leaders are act like children

The issue of global warming has been a constant problem unresolved by the government even with the climate deteriorating with each passing day.

With the grownups acting nonchalant and indifferent regarding this pressing issue, a young school girl by the name of Greta Thunberg lashed out at the government for being childish at the UN climate summit.

According to her statements, global warming is serious, and if like kids the government thinks it can ignore it then the government is nothing but a child who feels disregarding the problem would solve it. She is a veteran who raised numerous alarms over schools worldwide by organizing a school strike to protest against the government. According to her, what’s the point of studying in a universe which will soon be damaged due to pollution and other dangerous fumes?

Her protest triggered the alarm bells for numerous global students. Today more than 20,000 students worldwide from countries like UK, USA, Japan, Australia etc. have joined hands with her to petition for the reduction of harmful fumes which pollutes the environment.,

She further claimed her strike will definitely ensure the government sees that change is inevitable. No matter how much they turn a blind eye, the fact that actions will be taken against global warming is consistent.

Through her protest, this 15-year-old girl also wants to tell the government about the mess it created for the younger generations. Now, it solely is up to the Generation Y to clean up the mess of global warming.

Recently, she was seen attending a climate summit which would discuss steps to counter the harmful effects of global warming. The strikes made by Thunberg have indeed borne positive results. Now, the globe is facing a challenge to overcome this existential threat of global warming together.

According to Thunberg, it’s never too late to change. And little actions lead to a bigger and better consequence.