Seniors Diplomats with US Ambassador to Mexico Steps Down

Seniors Diplomats with US Ambassador to Mexico Steps Down


Roberta Jacobson, the US ambassador to Mexico has announced her plans to step down from the position.Jacobson who has been providing 30 years of service to the country will be joined by other senior officials of the State department who wish to do the same under the administration of Trump. President Obama confirmed Jacobson in 2016. As Trump is demanding  Mexico to pay for the border wall and also accusing countries like Mexico that they are not doing sufficient work to belt out the flow of illegal migrants and drugs, this is a time of strain for both the countries.

Jacobson said to an embassy staff that the decision of her retirement is becoming difficult as the relationship between USA and Mexico is becoming important, sour and crucial day by day.Jacobson is stepping down on May. According to a news given out by an unnamed administrative official, Roberta Jacobson will be replaced by the former chairman and chief executive officer of General Motors Co, Ed Whitacre.

Many senior officials to younger diplomats are leaving the State Department alongside Jacobson.The reason for such an action is that, Trump is jarring the Department with his confrontational foreign policies and deep cuts in the budget.

President Trump is taking such actions under Rex Tillerson who is the Secretary of the State. Joseph Yun who is the US official responsible for dialogues with North Korea announced his leaving along with Tom Shannon who is the senior-most foreign service officer doing the same.

The former as well as the current staffs of the State Department say morale has never been down in the Department, and its been loosing out on its experienced officials at a higher rate.

Previously Jacobson worked with the Western Hemisphere Affairs as the assistant secretary. Later under Obama she worked to improve the ties between USA and Cuba. People who criticize Trump’s foreign policy said that, matters of diplomacy has been sidelined in his administration and it is more particularly seen in case of Mexico.

Trump has threatened to blow away the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is between the two counties namely Canada and Mexico, and this shows the overshadowing of the diplomatic efforts. The news of blowing up the trade agreement came when Tillerson was visiting the several countries of South America. Tillerson also met Videgaray in the news conference. Steve Goldstein who is the Undersecretary of State said that Jacobson told Tillerson about hers plans to step down on this very trip.

Last month, the President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled his visit to the US siting reasons that Trump did not acknowledge the fact that Mexico is not ready to pay for the border wall.

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