Seoul sends Envoy to North Korea

Seoul sends Envoy to North Korea


On Monday, an envoy of Moon Jae-in the South Korea’s President said that he hopes North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons so that a permanent peace settlement can be attained between the Korean peninsulas. The envoy from South Korea will be meeting North Koreans officials in the coming week.

The national security director of South Korea, Chung Eui-yong, met with reporters before his two day trip to the Northern side which would include serious talks with Kim Jong un. The innumerable test of the weapons that Kim has, have instilled fear of war. But North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics of 2018 and Kim’s sister visiting South Korea with a delegation has increased the chances of a mutual treaty between South and North Korea. Chung said if North Korea commits to denuclearize itself, it will give birth to an opportunity of talks between Pyongyang and Washington.

Chung an experienced diplomat will be accompanied by 10 more members, including Chun Hae-sung, the Vice Unification Minister and Suh Hoon the chief of the intelligence. The South Korea’s Blue house is naming this trip as reciprocation, as North Korea has sent its delegation at the Winter Olympics to the south. Chung’s delegation after meeting the North Korean officials will be flying to the United States to brief them about the results of the meeting.

North Korea said that it won’t be negotiating about anything related to the nuclear deal and to this USA said that, real talks about options related to the nuclear program and military measures are needed to be discussed on the table. President Trump said he will talk to the North Korean officials under right conditions.

According to some experts, the main motive behind North Korea visiting this year’s Winter Olympics at South Korea was to improve their ties with them and break diplomatic isolation. Another reason for the participation was to weaken the sanctions given by US to South Korea.

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