Should the United States rethink its policy towards Venezuela?


Juan Guaidó went on an international tour on Feb, trying to re-invigorate Venezuela’s reduced resistance. Around 60 countries acknowledged it. Soon after, when the United States rehashed its pledge on ousting Nicolás Maduro from power and that it would proceed with the hardline strategy defined by Trump’s former national security counselor, John Bolton. As per political analysts, amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic decline Venezuela’s economy, the United States should think over its new policy.

However, after four months, Maduro continues to stay in power. Despite Venezuela’s developing health and humanitarian crisis, a mass migration of 5 million displaced people and fresh rounds of US sanctions that have not helped in splitting the army from the regime.

In April 2013, Nicolás Maduro was first time elected and following the passing of his mentor Hugo Chávez. During his first quarter, the economy took a nosedive, and numerous Venezuelans attack him for mismanagement and the decline of the nation. Maduro got re-elected in May 2018 in exceptionally controversial races, which many rival political parties barred.

This year on March 31, the Trump government announced a pivot in strategy towards Venezuela. The Trump administration, since over a year supported rival pioneer Juan Guaido, whom the United States and over 60 different nations perceive as Venezuela’s authentic president, in his standoff with Nicolás Maduro.

According to political analysts, the US strategy should change regardless of Trump loses or wins the upcoming 2020 US presidential elections. As per Bolton’s memoirs, what is clear is that the US strategy has ignored to create system change. The universal segregation it has encouraged has, in the interim, drove the system to solidify associations with tyrant states, for example, Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

It has likewise urged the Maduro government to build connections with some illegal organizations that help replace the oil revenues dropped since the nation’s vitality segment crumbled. The Oslo process could only be sought via a negotiated democratic settlement reached. The US government recently recommended a system that included Maduro’s version, which has fewer chances of achievement. Rather, the US ought to figure out a much adaptable and progressive policy for Venezuela.

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