Leaders of the two countries Handshake for defense agreement

Singapore and China boost military cooperation


Singapore and China have increased the level of military cooperation by concluding a new defense agreement providing for joint military maneuvers, as well as ship calls at the ports of the two countries.  The document was signed by the Ministers of Defense of the two countries, Wei Fenhe and N. En Han, who will speak at the plenary meeting of the IX Xiangshan Security Forum in Beijing on Monday.

“The new agreement, which significantly deepens bilateral cooperation, provides for annual meetings of the heads of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the participation of senior delegations in the annual security forums held in Singapore and Beijing,” the statement said.  This year, Wei Fenghe became the first Chinese minister in eight years to speak at a forum in Singapore.

The signed agreement also expands exchanges between various branches of the armed forces, including providing the Navy of the two countries with the opportunity to make mutual calls at ports.  The strategic importance of the naval base of Singapore is due to the geographical location of the city-state – near the Strait of Malacca, one of the main maritime transport arteries in the world.  In addition, about 60% of Chinese trade and up to 80% of Chinese hydrocarbon imports pass through this strait connecting the Indian Ocean with the South China Sea.

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