With the Stalling of Peace Talks India & Pakistan now rely on religious Diplomacy

India and Pakistan have been in a relation of animosity with each other for decades. This time in an act to normalize the relationship between the two countries the age-old rivals Islamabad and New Delhi agreed to build a visa-free corridor between their heavy militarized borders for the Sikhs.

The Katarpur corridor will possess few Sikh Shrines will begin from the Indian city of Dera Baba Nanak and continue till Katarpur located in Pakistan. This action was a major win for the Sikh community who believe in the liberalization of visiting places of worship.

Regardless, this imitation of using religious diplomacy to maintain harmonious relation is long planned in Prime Minister Modi’s policy. However, with Pakistan and India not indulging in any legal dialogue, the attainment of peace and maintaining cross-border anti-terrorism is quite a difficult endeavor indeed.

Even when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan requested for a talk, the prospect was instantly dismissed by India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. According to her bilateral talks and the Katarpur Corridor aren’t the same things.

Unless and until Pakistan assures that there won’t be further terror activities in India, she is not ready to start a dialogue.