Sudan: Pretests don’t stop


Participants in mass protests in Sudan call for the Military Council to immediately transfer power to the provisional civilian government. Demonstrators in Khartoum state that they will continue sit-ins and “all forms of peaceful pressure” to achieve their goals. On the eve of the organizers of the demonstrations presented to the military list of their requirements.

The military council announced the dismantling of everything connected with the former regime. In addition, the military said that the representatives of the ruling National Congress before the party will not be involved in the formation of the future government. The Central Bank of Sudan reported freezing of all accounts of the office of the president and both houses of parliament.

On April 11, Sudanese soldiers removed President Omar al-Bashir from power. This was preceded by multi-month protests of the population, dissatisfied with a significant increase in prices. The army dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and formed a military council during the transitional period, which, as the military says, will last no more than two years.

“The Sudanese people should determine who leads them and their future. The Sudanese people have been clear that they are demanding a civilian-led transition now,” a State Department spokesman Robert Palladino said.

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