Sweden military

Sweden will strengthen the air defense system in the Baltic Sea because of the “Russian threat”


The Swedish military said it would deploy an updated anti-aircraft missile defense system on the island of Gotland, which is evidence of the continuing tensions with Russia.

The new system, developed by Saab, will replace the mobile anti-aircraft complexes that the military on the island had previously been equipped with.

“Gotland is an important area from a military-strategic point of view. Its geographical location provides significant military advantages in terms of the protection and control of sea traffic, the Baltic airspace, ”said the Supreme Commander of Sweden, Michael Biden.

The island is located about 330 kilometers from Kaliningrad, where the Baltic Fleet is based.

The garrison was returned to Gotland in January 2018. It is expected that soon it will accommodate 282 soldiers, several tanks and other equipment.

Gotland is of great importance for Sweden in the Baltic Sea, since it has the ability to control air routes and sea routes that lie nearby.

In September 2016, there were reports of the concerns of Sweden regarding the threat from Russia, the essence of which was kept secret. In the fall of 2017, the largest exercises in the last 20 years under the code name Aurora-2017 were held in Sweden. The maneuvers were carried out to “strengthen the defense and to work out actions in case of an attack on the country.”


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