73rd session of the UN General Assembly conducted in New York

The 74th session of the UN General Assembly opens in New York


The next, 74th session of the UN General Assembly opens on Tuesday in New York. The focus of the upcoming discussions is more than 170 issues covering the entire spectrum of global problems: from acute regional conflicts to key economic, environmental and humanitarian challenges of our time.

The opening ceremony will be held at 15:00 New York time. Welcoming remarks will be delivered by the session chairman, Tijani Muhammad-Bande, who previously served as the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the UN. From the hands of his predecessor – a native of Ecuador, Maria Fernanda Espinosa – he will receive a presidential hammer. As recalled on the official website of the world organization, its blow heralds the beginning of the meeting and its completion, the approval of the agenda, the election of officials, the adoption of a resolution, and also recalls the need to remain silent.

Muhammad-Bande, who was the only candidate for the post of head of the General Assembly, previously stressed that he intends to direct all efforts to the fight against terrorism, hunger, poverty, gender inequality and violence during military conflicts. He also promised to pay attention to climate change prevention and education programs. The Chairperson of the UN General Assembly kick-off session intends to “do everything in his power to ensure peace and prosperity, especially for those who are most vulnerable.”

The ended 73rd session of the UN General Assembly was marked by the adoption of a record number of resolutions – 341, said Maria Fernanda Espinosa at the final press conference on Monday. She appealed to all states to “re-read the adopted documents and implement them.”

The main tasks that Espinos set for himself last year were to support gender equality and fight against plastic pollution. In both cases, the organization itself has achieved significant success. Also in the spring, the UN headquarters completely abandoned plastic – all cafes and canteens here switched to paper or aluminum utensils.

In addition, Espinosa said that her team, together with the new chairman of the UN General Assembly, “worked hard to organize the transition process.” “Of my priorities, which I will ask him to continue working on, I can single out gender equality and the campaign against plastic,” she said. “Among his very important tasks will be preparing for the 75th anniversary of the UN. The most important task for this year will be work on GA reform, improving decision making and reporting. ”

The most eventful period at the UN will be the next week, during which high-level political debates will take place. Leaders of 114 states, as well as more than 80 heads of government and diplomatic agencies, whose speeches will traditionally set the tone for the work of the General Assembly for the coming year, will take the stage.

At the conclusion of the general political debate, the participants in the session will begin to discuss numerous draft resolutions. Among them, there are documents that attract attention every year, for example, a resolution against attempts to glorify Nazism, a package of 16 documents on a Palestinian-Israeli settlement. However, the GA primarily focuses on emerging international challenges in its work, therefore, the organization considers, in an emergency order, resolutions on topics that pose a threat to peace and security.


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