The Ethiopian community of Israel continues to protest across the country


On July 2, representatives of the Ethiopian community of Israel came out to protest across the country. The protest activities turned into riots, paralyzing transport links.

The reason for the protests was the killing by police of a representative of the Ethiopian community, who attacked the law enforcement officer. The incident caused a stir among the Ethiopians of Israel, who demanded the dismissal of a policeman.

It is reported that protesters set fire to cars parked on the streets of Tel Aviv, Netanya and other Israeli cities. At the same time, some of the protesters hid their faces under masks. In Haifa, protesters attempted to set fire to a police station.

In addition, protesters blocked major highways across the country. Thousands of Israelis spent more than six hours on the road from work.

Police reported more than about 140 detainees during the riots. It is also known as about 150 victims, among whom are police officers and correspondents of the Israeli media covering the events in Tel Aviv.

The reason for the speeches was the death of a 19-year-old native of Ethiopia. On July 1, he was shot by a policeman who was not on duty. According to the police, he broke up the brawl of young people. When they realized that they were a police officer, they started throwing stones at him. In response, the police opened fire. Media reports that the deceased was in the field of view of the police.

Representatives of the Ethiopian community argue that the police officer shot, because in front of him was a black man. Police lawyers insist that their client used weapons in self-defense. The policeman was arrested. The investigation is conducted by a special unit of the Israeli police. Eyewitnesses report that the policeman’s family receives threats.

After the incident, representatives of the Ethiopian community took to the streets in many cities and towns of Israel. They threw stones at police officers, stormed police stations, set fire to cars, blocked roads. The protesters turned over several ambulances, as well as several paramedics’ scooters. In Tel Aviv and other cities, public transport stops are damaged. Because of the blocked roads, more than 60 thousand Israelis spent more than six hours in traffic jams.

According to local media, most of the time the police did not interfere in what was happening and called on the protesters to show restraint. Only by the evening of July 2 did the police use force to free the highways.

On Wednesday, July 3, the protest participants resumed their speeches and tried to block the roadway in Tel Aviv. Thepoliceusedforcetodispersethestock. Next Sunday, July 7, representatives of the Ethiopian community intend to protest at Ben-Gurion International Airport.


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