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The EU condemned the actions of Israel


Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom on Tuesday, July 23, made a joint statement on the situation in East Jerusalem, where Israel began demolishing Palestinian buildings on Monday night.

“The demolition of buildings in occupied areas is, in addition to rare and exceptional cases, a violation of international humanitarian law,” the document says.

Destruction of houses leads to “unnecessary suffering of Palestinian civilians” and as a “dangerous precedent” threatens to resolve the Middle East conflict in the form of the two states’ coexistence, according to Berlin, Paris, Madrid, and London.

Israel began demolishing Palestinian buildings in the village on the outskirts of East Jerusalem Sur Baher on Monday night. In June, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Palestinian buildings in one of Sur Baher’s quarters, Wadi al-Hummus, violate the construction ban. The deadline that the court set aside for their dismantling expired on July 19. In turn, the owners of the buildings declared that they had received permission to build them from the authorities of the Palestinian National Autonomy.

Formally, Wadi al-Hummus is considered to be a Palestinian autonomy quarter, but actually, the houses built here are located closer than four hundred meters from the separation wall, which is prohibited by the laws of Israel.

In April, before the Israeli parliamentary elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he was considering the possibility of annexing areas with Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Unlike the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, which Israel seized during the Six-Day War against the Arab coalition in 1967 and later annexed, it has not yet extended its sovereignty to the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, where more than 400,000 people live.


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