US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in the New York-based organization Council on Foreign Relations

The Pentagon is concerned about strengthening the military potential of China and Russia


The United States sees Russia and China as its main rivals; Washington is particularly concerned about the expanding capabilities of Moscow and Beijing in space and cyberspace.  This was announced on Friday by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in the New York-based organization Council on Foreign Relations.

“We have entered a new era of rivalry between great powers,” he said. “First, China, and secondly, Russia now represents the main area of ​​activity for the US Department of Defense. Both countries are rapidly modernizing their armed forces and expanding their capabilities, including  in space and cyberspace. ”  According to the minister, China is “expanding its economic presence in Asia.”  Russia, according to Esper, is “trying to split NATO.”

“Our national defense strategy is built primarily with Russia and China in mind, we are also concerned about the actions of rogue states, we must maintain the potential to participate in minor armed conflicts, as extremist organizations continue to pose a threat,” he continued.

“Here is a classic example: we are used to buying military equipment, for example reconnaissance aircraft, which are suitable for use in Afghanistan or African countries, but will such equipment be suitable for use against Russia or China, which have modern missiles capable of shooting down such aircraft?  We must refuse to purchase equipment suitable for operations in Afghanistan, and purchase equipment created using stealth technologies, which can be used against Russia or China, ”  said Esper.

As the minister stressed, he intends to “seek a transition from providing troops with the military equipment that is suitable for low-intensity conflicts, to the technology that corresponds to the era of rivalry between the great powers.

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