The Pentagon showed in a video the launch of a cruise missile that violates the INF Treaty


A video of the test of a cruise missile appeared on the Pentagon’s website – the first after the US official withdrawal from the treaty banning medium- and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

The frames in slow motion show the process of launching a rocket that does not meet the conditions of the INF Treaty.  She successfully takes off from a mobile installation on the island of San Nicholas (California).

The tests were held on August 18.  As specified in a Pentagon report, a missile hit a target at a distance of over 500 km.  The agreement prohibited the production and testing of missiles with a range of 500 km to 5.5 thousand km.

The military noted that the missile was designed to deliver not nuclear, but conventional warheads.  The data obtained during the tests, “will serve as the basis for the development of the capabilities of medium-range missiles,” the representative of the department noted.




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