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The United States is interested in developing relations between Japan and South Korea


At the G20 summit, Donald Trump complained that South Korea is still not part of the Quad Alliance, which includes Japan, the United States, Australia and India.

In recent years, relations between Japan and North Korea have deteriorated. And despite the fact that for 20 years, the countries tried in every way to resolve their differences, but the historical differences seem to prevent countries from coming to a compromise.

Since the 1990s, the United States has been trying to unite its two democratic allies, concentrating on opposing North Korea. But despite the fact that North Korea remains a necessary center for security cooperation, the existing contradictions in the views of the United States, Japan and South Korea on relations with Pyongyang underscore the difficulty of developing a unified approach. As a result, North Korea alone is not enough to focus cooperation between Japan and South Korea.

Rather, the best approach would be to unite the economic growth of the states in order to limit the impact of China’s rapidly growing economy.

The United States can heal the benefits of the development of relations between Japan and South Koya, can get strong employees in Asia as opposed to the regimes of Russia, China and North Korea. The United States can get a field for developing innovations in technology, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

Also, the joint efforts of Tokyo and Seoul to invest in developing, fast-growing markets abroad can provide both countries with an additional level of opportunities for working together, and support their individual domestic economic policies of revitalization.


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