The White House orders probe on whether China and WHO covered the spread of Covid-19


On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced in a press conference that there is nothing positive about what has been happening in China, we are not happy with it, and the US will thoroughly investigate the matter.

A thorough investigation will be conducted as the pandemic could have been stopped if it was halted at the source, and not spread all around the globe, he added. The White House ordered an intelligence probe to find out if China and the WHO were covering up the information regarding the Covid-19disease.

On 29 April, Donald Trump blamed China for acknowledging the coronavirus threat much earlier, and they failed to take steps to stop it from converting into a pandemic.

President Trump initially praised China for handling the coronavirus, but took a u-turn and started sharply criticizing them as the pandemic took a toll on the United States. The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the US has reached 10, 63,600, with 61,472 deaths and 1, 23,022 recovered.

As a result of the surge in the number of deaths in the United States, in mid-April, President Trump announced to stop giving aid to the World Health Organization. He stated that they were being biased towards China and mismanaged the spread of coronavirus. The WHO chief Tedros expressed regret over Trump’s move. It’s time to stand together and help fight a common threat, ‘Covid-19’, Tredos replied.

Article Credit: The Hill/NBC News/ Daily Mail/ Reuters

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