Things That One Needs To Know about Franco Emirati Relations

Things That One Needs To Know about Franco Emirati Relations


According to the officials of both nations and media reports, the visit of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to France two days back holds political, cultural, economic, and diplomatic aspect.

The relationship between the UAE-France is well established. In fact both nations hold an outstanding allegiance at the highest level in different fields, such as economic, cultural, educational, security, space, and defense. Both nations have a joint vision to combat terrorism as well as climate change.

According to the French Foreign Ministry, French-Emirati relations form a blueprint of various dimensions, among which the two important ones are the strong cultural and educational ties shared among the two nations. It has been pointed out that there are around 30,000 French residents in the UAE, 60,000 French students in the UAE, 6 French educational institutions in the UAE where there are around 10,000 students. France is the fourth country which has been receiving Emirati students.

Among the different institutions, the most important being the Georges Pompidou School and the French School of Louis Massignon, one of six schools in the French education network in the UAE. One of the most important joint projects between the two nations is the Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi. Other noted institutions being the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi being the first French University in the Gulf region; the International Fund for the Protection of Threatened Heritage, etc.

The French magazine Le Point praised the French cultural and educational projects which have been embraced by the UAE within its territory, it also bolster the objectives of spreading French culture in the world.

Among the several projects another noteworthy one is the French Sorbone University, which is one of the oldest universities in the world. The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum was opened 10 years after an accord signed in 2007 by former French President Jacques Chirac.

The two sides are looking forward to reteach French in public schools in the UAE. The two sides endorsed a cooperation accord between the National School of Judiciary and Judicial Administration in Abu Dhabi to devote towards the development of judges in the UAE. 

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE and France have affirmed their offering to the Alif Fund, set up by the Abu Dhabi International Conference on Heritage Protection in the 2016 Conflict Areas.

In order to support the scientific research and the promotion of cultural dialogue, the UAE proclaimed a 5 million euro grant to the Arab World Institute in Paris,

In November, French Culture Minister Francois Nissin and her UAE counterpart, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development Nourabint Mohammed Al Kaabi signed an accord to advocate cultural discourse between the two countries through new initiatives.

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