Top Diplomat Rex Tillerson Fired by Trump

Top Diplomat Rex Tillerson Fired by Trump


The US diplomatic services has been again pushed into turmoil on Tuesday as President Donald Trump has fired State Secretary Rex Tillerson. According to Trump, Tillerson made a mistake because in his tweet he promoted two officials who were condemned by the groups related to human rights. The groups were endorsing and overseeing future. Tillerson who was shocked at the decision spoke at the State Department but did not take questions from the reporters. In his speech Tillerson did not include Trump’s name.

Tillerson said that he received from Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly in the afternoon to receive the news that he has been asked to step down. He also added that, the government at US should ensure that the transition should be smooth as a country is facing problems regarding foreign and national security policies. Tillerson will serve officially till 31st March and all the duties which the State Secretary had will be given to the deputy secretary John Sullivan by the end of Tuesday. Tillerson said he is happy regarding what he did in his tenure and the best being the talks with North Korea. He also said that much work is left to be done with China. USA’s relation with Russia needs to be looked upon because of it troubling action and behavior.

Trump surprised the people of USA through a tweet. In the tweet Trump announced that CIA director Mike Pompeo will replace Rex Tillerson. Gina Haspel who happens to be the deputy to Pompeo’s will serve as the first female director of CIA. After this more drama cropped in the administrative scene of USA. David Shulkin is one the verge of losing out on his job pertaining to ethical violations committed by him on his trip to Europe.

Trump’s plan is to replace Sullivan with Rick Perry who happens to be the energy secretary. Many other officials like Ryan Zinke who is the interior secretary, Ben Carson who is the housing secretary are being questioned for disobeying the protocols set by the government of USA. The Cabinet at USA is facing constant turmoil as top diplomats of America are getting fired by abrupt decisions made by Trump. The termination of Tillerson was foreseen for a long time now as Trump is threatening a global trade war and is preparing to meet Kim Jong-un, the North Korean President.

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