Trudeau Faces Questions on Jaspal Atwal

Trudeau Faces Questions on Jaspal Atwal


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was questioned by the opposition MPs, as to why Jaspal Atwal was invited and was present at the official event on his trip to India.  Trudeau was grilled with questions on what connections does he have with Atwal on his return.

Jaspal Atwal who was a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation was convicted on a charge of a murder case on 1986 in which Indian Cabinet Minister visited Vancouver. The group was later termed as terror group and was banned in 2003. Atwal was also charged on the case of attacking Ujjal Dosanjh on 1985.

Prime Minister’s Office later clarified that Atwal’s presence in the meetings were arranged by the Indian government those who wanted a cold relationship to be build up between the Prime Ministers of both the countries. Andrew Scheer who is a Conservative leader shot questions on Trudeau on whether this was a part of conspiracy by the Prime Minister’s Office or not.

Scheer accused Trudeau that he has worsened the relationship between India and Canada. To this Trudeau answered that due to his meet with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 5,800 new jobs have been created in Canada. Trudeau was also accused of the news that he and Atwal were friends.

Charlie Angus who happens to the MP of National Democratic party wanted Trudeau to answer the questions put against him. He also said, Trudeau was using Atwal’s policies inside the Liberal Party and also his views. Later Trudeau clarified that Atwal’s invitation was a mistake.

Agnus also said Atwal should have not been invited to the meet, and when Trudeau found out that Atwal was invited he should have stroke down the invitation from India. He said that Liberal MP Randeep Sarai should have followed up with Trudeau as he was responsible for the matters related to the invitation.

When Scheer asked Trudeau who the other people related to terrorist organization were present in the meet, Trudeau answered that the police and national security agencies will do everything that is possible to keep Canadians always safe.

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