Trump Adviser Starts Diplomacy with Palestinian Officials through Twitter


Donald Trump’s special representative for international dialogue has started to tweet Palestinian officials over a year after they last consented to meet or even talk with representatives of the US administration.

Over the last few weeks, Jason Greenblatt has been expressing his thoughts, requests, as well as disapproval to Palestinian leaders who are very active on the popular social media platform. On Sunday, Jason took his tweet-diplomacy to new heights stating that ‘Who said that the US and the PA are not in talking terms. He added that the only difference that one would get to see is that these matters are now publicly discussed on Twitter. This is done so that even the public can understand each one’s stand. Clarity is important for everyone.

Since December 2017, when Mr Trump declared that he would acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv – an action that was seen as highly contentious and one-sided by the Palestinians. However, leaders as well and peace negotiators from the end of the Palestine have dismissed all US diplomatic endeavors.

Over the last few weeks, there has been supposition that this doubtful peace plan would be revealed following Israel’s general election, which is scheduled to be held on 9th April. Although, there has been no official indication about the matter, there has been a little hint of the fact that any facet of the plan and any suggestion of what it might hold has been dismissed by Mr Greenblatt.

However, Israeli journalist Barak Ravid outlined and tweeted that he had some information about the blurred peace plan. Mr Ravid’s report spontaneously prompted a response from Mr Greenblatt. People also started to tweet what the matter could be or what it couldn’t be. The long thread of messages appears to highlight the frustration of Trump administration with the Palestinian leaders for its repeated refusal to meet or even speak with US officials.

Since shifting of the US Embassy to Jerusalem last May, the administration has further estranged the Palestinians by reducing almost every source of aid and funding, even going to the extent where the financial lifeline that backs the Palestinian Security Forces, necessary for aiding the Israelis in maintaining security and peace within the area appears to end.

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