US President Donald Trump and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan picture together where theirmeeting expects on November 13

Trump confirmed that he expects a meeting with Erdogan on November 13


US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he had a “very good” telephone conversation with Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan.  The head of state confirmed that he expects to meet with him on November 13 in Washington.

“I had a very good telephone conversation with the President of Turkey. He informed me that they had captured many ISIS militants including the wife and sister of the terrorist  al-Baghdadi, who reportedly fled during the conflict in Syria. Also we discussed their border with Syria, eradicating terrorism, ending hostility with the Kurds, and many other issues. I look forward to seeing President Erdogan next Wednesday  November 13, in Bel  m house, “- wrote the American leader in his Twitter.

On October 9, Ankara announced that it would carry out Operation Source of Peace in northern Syria with the goal of creating a buffer zone there.  It should become a protective belt for the Turkish border.  According to Ankara’s plan, Syrian refugees will be able to return to Turkey from this region.  Damascus called the operation aggression, the international community condemned the actions of Ankara.

On October 17, the United States and Turkey reached an agreement to suspend hostilities.  Turkey agreed to ceasefire for 120 hours so that Kurdish forces, members of the coalition of the “Forces of Democratic Syria”, leave the border security zone created by Ankara.

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