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Trump intends to stop helping countries disloyal to the United States


US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of redistributing aid to other states in favor of those who support Washington’s policies, and disloyal may even be denied the allocation of funds.

One reason is the US desire to acquire new allies amid growing competition with Russia and China for geopolitical influence.  Thus, the publication notes, the unspoken principle of assistance for humanitarian rather than political reasons will be violated.

According to the plan under development, Washington will cease to help countries that do not share its approaches in the international arena and are equal, for example, to China.  This may affect a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In addition, the strategy will allow the United States not only to save, but also to provide “leadership in the global energy system.”  Meanwhile, clear criteria for “loyalty” are not indicated in the plan, although Trump and his entourage have repeatedly said that joint voting in international organizations, especially in the UN, can become a determining factor.  Politico has no data when the White House will unveil the initiative and whether it will even begin to implement it.  The US administration did not comment on the article.

Trump said on August 20 that he was studying the issue of a possible reduction in aid to other states and would soon announce his decision on this matter.

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